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What do you want the "Future of Work" to be? And why you are not normal.

What do you want the "Future of Work" to be? And why you are not normal.

The "Future of Work" is the term many use to talk about how we will continue to innovate on the very nature of our organizations. This touches broad strategic things like company structures and governances models but also smaller, more tactical things like the tools we use, the spaces we build and how we define our roles. 


Personally, I’m really excited about the Future of Work. But it’s a very BIG concept. And the problem with very big concepts is that they can feel abstract. It’s difficult to interpret them in our context and understand what it means for us. It feels more like watching a documentary and less like being part of a play.


And that’s a critical problem for the Future of Work. Because creating the FoW is a complex challenge and complex challenges require many many perspectives to come together. In order to contribute YOUR perspective, you need to develop convictions and act on them.


Unfortunately many people unconsciously think that change will happen around them and not through them and so a certain intellectual de-responsability sets in.


You, reader of this cllbr article are not normal. If you are reading this, you are abnormally motivated. You are amongst the relative minority of people who are looking to broaden your vison, stretch your ideas and connect to new concepts. You my friend are a prime candidate to become an agent for the FoW. So what do you want of the FoW?


Let’s figure it out.


One of my core beliefs is that in the FoW we will see a lot more spontaneous moments of sharing and collaboration. So here’s an interesting thing we could do together. 


1) Create a simple story about what the FoW means for you.  

      "User Stories” à la Agile  >>  As ___(role)___, I want to (task, or ability), in order to (goal).


2) Post them in Facebook below this article so we can all see what the FoW looks like for all of our cllbr-ers.


3) Got more stuff to say? Go back to 1)


4) Comment and like other people’s User Stories. 


If this leads to interesting insights, maybe we can write another post about it.


Here are some of the ones I have noted while working with clients or fellow travellers.


As a member of nursing unit,

I want to have access to small discretionary budget,

In order to be able to test some of our ideas.


As a UX designer inside a large organization,

I want to be able to easily talk to end users,

In order to gain real insights about how people use the product.


As an IT specialist,

I want to be able to form spontaneous teams with people in other silos,

In order to gain intuitive knowledge of their reality and needs.


As a product designer, 

I want to have a easy access to the user data accumulated by my company,

In order to make more decisions based on data. 


As a project manager

I want to attend more events and meet-ups

In order to broaden my horizons and meet interesting people.


In the end, you know what will the FoW look like in your organisation? It will look like what the people who care the most think it should look like. 


So get in there!

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