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Superbowl advertisers embrace lolpuppies

Superbowl advertisers embrace lolpuppies

We are not Buzzfeed, but we can tell a strange coincidence when we see one. While we did notice a darkening of tone at the last Cannes' Lions (from Lady Gaga to Leica's), there seems to be a trend with advertisers to (some would say, finally) embrace the Internet's most clichéd trend: lolcats and lolpuppies.


While we may rejoyce at the fact that the analog culture of prime time television is getting an increasingly strong input from Internet culture, hashtags and lolcats remain very simple archetypes that make little use of the interactive possibilities stemming from it. Oreo's 2013 "Dunk in The Dark" tweet (which we spoke of recently) was perhaps one of the best, yet rare, occurrences where the two collided ; let's hope that we see more of these in this year's LXVIII. 


In the meantime, here are a few of the 30-second clips leading up to this afternoon's meet up between the Seahawks meet the Broncos :



Budweiser Puppy Love




Cheerios Love




Audi Doberhuahua




Doritos Cowboy Kid



May the best (advertising) team win!


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