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Some concluding remarks

Some concluding remarks

Billet initialement publié sur le site de MosaiC le 19 juillet 2012. 


In 2011 in Strasbourg, during the Fall School, I introduced some reflections on what I have called “Le moment de l’idée”. Together with Jean-Jacques Stréliski and Aurélie Dehling (EHESS), we have been working on what, in marketing or advertising, is often labeled "insights". What struck me again this summer, during the Summer School, is the contrast between, on one hand, the idea and, on the other hand, the process that might lead to this idea or the process that brings, after that, this idea to life.


A creative idea is something that seems very clear, simple, crystal clear. The path that leads to this idea is much less clear. To say the truth, what characterizes this path is its darkness. The same can be said for the long path you have to follow to make the creative idea a reality; to bring it to life and, sometimes, to build a success story based on an idea. I learned a new term in Barcelona, a new word: the “pastositat”.


A term borrowed from Tàpies, pastositat designates thickness, or in French, le “pâteux”. The discipline of creativity has a double nature. Pure and clear moments, along a difficult path. To be creative, it takes courage. And it can be very frustrating sometimes. To cope with reality, even in its most resistant or dark side, with this pastositat, has nevertheless to be seen as a condition for creativity. 


La pastositat which Tàpies refers to is made of paper, colours, glue, bodies and crosses. The matter on which we work, as managers, is different. This matter is made of people, markets, organizations, processes, bureaucracy. But the same breath is to be found. We have enjoyed this summer school; now, we have to survive it. And it can be quite depressing. Like a post-partum ! I invite you, as Tàpies dealing with an aging body, to consider the hardness, the darkness of a creative process as something inherent to it. See it as your own pastositat and find your own breath.


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