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We cannot read all the books

We cannot read all the books

We cannot read all the books


A few days ago, on January, 4th 2015, Frederic Guarino published to this blog a series of six trends that, in his view, the next two years were reason for cautious optimism. 


Full disclaimer: I edited the piece.


Since the article generated a lot of attention, we thought we'd take some time to produce a "companion podcast", a new concept that we'll be developing further in 2015. 


Frederic and I sat down for the best of half an hour, and edited that down to 20 minutes or so. In it, we talk about interconnectedness, the speed of thought, the novelty of old stuff, Facebook's pushing of boundaries, and the mining of your own data. 


We may not be able to read all the books. But we can listen to a few curators, and miss out a little bit less. 



Image: Cover photo for the book All the lights we cannot see.

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