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Playing with destiny: a book project

Playing with destiny: a book project

Building a startup takes incredible drive. You really have to believe in what you’re doing, and in your vision of the future to take on the risk required.


I know because I built ThoughtBasin, a crowdsourcing platform that rewarded students for generating new ideas for social and corporate problems while I was still in university. I built it because I really believed in the ideals of the venture. There were definitely ways I could have made more money doing anything else, but the idea of youth contributing their voice and work to the big problems of our day, and being recognized and rewarded for it has always struck a chord in me.


It’s a future I was willing to sacrifice a lot to build.


As I started getting deeper into the startup community, I recognized that many of the entrepreneurs out there were in a similar place. Listening to their stories is what first got me to fall into love with the community. We are all working diligently towards our vision of the future, and swapping lessons about what we learned in the present doing so.


I’ve always prided myself on being an interdisciplinary thinker, and so I started weaving together those individual visions, and seeing how they fit together. I began to see how a canvas that interplayed between different versions, and themes of the future by people seeking to build it could be a powerful way to explore what sort of future we are crafting as a society, and how we are affecting the present to get there.



Consider a book where the individual dreams and lessons of entrepreneurs are weaved together into a strongly woven tapestry on how the future is being built.


This is what I propose to do. You can support me by clicking here, and follow me at @Rogerh1991 for daily updates.


I will be preparing weekly updates throughout, some on this very blog, and will keep everybody posted on the progress of this book. In the full spirit of diversity, and to respect my Montreal roots, I aim to spend the majority of the Kickstarter funds to translate this work into French car une seule langue ne devrait pas être la seule perspective offerte.


I thank you for taking the time to look through my project.




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