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People of the valley

People of the valley

As I stood at the top of Montreal's Olympic Stadium tower, where I recently had the opportunity of lecturing on design thinking and biomimetic design, I thought to myself what a great responsibility has been bestowed upon us, humans.


And in this case, Montrealers specifically. 


This dawned onto me after I shared with a captivated audience the short version of George Monbiot's "How Wolves Change Rivers" (below), a poetic account of the reintroduction of the feline predators into the Yellowstone National Park and how it set off a "trophic cascade", leading to the reconfiguration of the geography and the entire ecosystem.



Atop of one of Montreal's highest and perhaps most iconic landmarks, I looked down on the mountain, the river, the plateaus in between. Though there are no more wolves in the city, we are capable of crafting the way the river flows, the banks erode, the mountain sustains itself, the trees gros, and with them, our towers, our culture and our economies. 


We have been introduced to this ecosystem, and it can and should inspire us to adapt to it. Through biomimicry, biophilic design, and the ongoing quest for a more co-dependent, collaborative society. 



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