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In Montreal, street art turns to crowdfunding

In Montreal, street art turns to crowdfunding

Over four days last June Montreal’s beloved Boulevard Saint-Laurent transformed its annual Main Madness summer street sale into an international public art festival. Thanks to the first edition of MURAL Festival, The Main was abuzz with over 35 local and international artists celebrating the democratization of urban art. Thanks to MURAL and the street artists, The Main got some much needed energy injected into it with the creation of 20 unique murals along 2 km of the boulevard. If you have been to The Main in the last six months you know what we're talking about. It you haven’t, we encourage you to take stroll to reflect on the murals and their impact on Boulevard Saint-Laurent.


While you are strolling along The Main, stop by Station16’s urban art gallery on Boulevard Saint-Laurent south of Prince-Arthur. Station16, a partner of MURAL Festival, is a textile and fine art screen print shop that specializes in classic and durable silkscreen prints. After two years of successful business supporting street artists in North America by creating limited edition silkscreen prints for them, Station 16 decided to open a gallery to promote street art and generate more opportunities for artists. The gallery is a welcome addition to the community and is helping reinvigorate Boulevard Saint-Laurent.


On November 27th, Station16 launched a Kickstarter campaign with the objective of creating 16 silkscreen prints, with 16 artists from around the world, in 16 months. The goal is to promote street art culture worldwide, expose local artists among international names, and create a rich selection of artwork for their followers. The funds will help Station16 expand internationally and give talented street artists from outside of North America a chance to get their work represented.

We backed Station16: A Global Street Art Story and we are sharing their campaign with you because we believe that a community thrives through cooperation and collaboration. Station16, its partners and MURAL Festival are bringing much needed energy to The Main. The Kickstarter campaign has provided us with an opportunity to support an organization that has invested in one of Montreal's most exciting neighborhood and is promoting the city we love. We wish them the best.


The project has reached 50% of its funding objective, which it is due to complete by Dec. 27th, 2013. 

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